Our approach

Insight BioConsulting provides consulting services to advance client objectives related to biotherapeutic development, biomedical research and strategic portfolio management. We work with all types of organizations: large, small, public, private or non-profit. Our approach is to forge close relationships built on trust. We take the time to understand client needs and provide creative and cost-effective solutions. We are based in the Pacific Northwest, but are prepared to build productive connections across the United States and around the globe.

Industry-seasoned expertise

Our insight and tacit knowledge are the culmination of 25 years of R&D experience in immunology and biopharmaceutical-based research organizations. We are uniquely qualified to both dig deep into basic research issues and to guide strategic work plans around drug development and pharmacology. We bring a strong peer-reviewed publication track record and extensive leadership experience advancing targets and molecules from early discovery to human clinical testing. We understand the importance of a rigorous science-based approach but also realize that this type of science is a team-based endeavor and that optimal results require multidisciplinary input, cooperation and effective communication.

We can help 

There are a number of ways we can help your organization achieve it's goals. For discovery-based organizations, including universities, institutes and commercialization offices, we can help you bridge the difficult gap between early discovery and assets that are ready for the clinic or ready to commercialize. We integrate mechanistic understanding, cellular biology and pharmacology to rapidly and decisively advance your program. For those working with monoclonal antibodies or other large molecules, we can help you most effectively address pharmacology issues and deliver the best possible therapeutic molecule. We also have deep expertise in immunology, respiratory disease, human genetics and biomarker development and are prepared to help advance objectives in any of these areas. For portfolio management, we provide scientific input to optimize assets for IP or marketing considerations. We can also draft custom reports, provide specialized training or offer graphic arts support. 

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