Our perspective

Globally, resources in many biopharmaceutical organizations are being shifted away from core scientific discovery. In order to sustain the development of novel and impactful therapeutics that society requires, there will be increasing need for high quality discovery programs to arise elsewhere. A formidable challenge in biomedical research, however, is bridging the gap between the initial idea and actual realization of a robust therapeutic molecule or marketable program. Translation of a concept into a mature asset requires both a deep understanding of the biology and a rigorous industrial approach. The latter encompasses the integration of biochemical, pharmacologic, and clinical considerations that are best learned in practice. Through many years of experience advancing large molecule drugs from early discovery to clinical testing, we are prepared to help bridge this gap.

How we can help you achieve your biotherapeutic goals

  • Pressure testing of the concept rationale. For example, is the hypothesis sound? Is it the right target? Are there unforeseen liabilities?
  • Assist with pipeline strategy, evaluate licensing opportunities and help connect you with potential partners. 
  • Design of research plans to optimize antibody or other molecule attributes and achieve your target product profile
    • Best approach to achieve desired effect
    • Define, demonstrate and achieve optimal potency
    • Other attributes (affinity, selectivity, stability, etc.)
  • We have nearly 20 years of experience working with monoclonal antibodies directed against cytokines, receptors and other immunologic targets and are familiar with the specific pharmacologic challenges relevant to these types of programs.

We can advise in specific areas of research and drug development

Our expertise, in each case, comes from years of hands-on scientific experience and leadership in these these key areas.

  • Immunology and immuno-oncology. Extensive research experience, particularly for cytokines, receptors and human immune cell-based assays.
  • Respiratory disease. We have a deep understanding of the current thinking about asthma and COPD and the challenges and opportunities associated with therapeutic development in this space.
  • Human genetics. Do you need help interpreting published data or need a detailed report on the genetic evidence for your target? Are you interested in adding genetic testing to your study design? We can help.
  • Biomarkers. We can help you understand the different types of biomarkers and how they may be crucial to your program advancing successfully. We can also help craft a patient stratification strategy and guide you through technology options and key steps in validating biomarkers.

We provide a variety of additional services tailored to advance your specific needs

We apply science-based thinking and attention to detail. In each case, you benefit from the input of an unbiased and independent viewpoint. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

  • Literature review or portfolio assessment
  • Authoring of special topic white papers
  • Customized training
  • Conference scouting and customized reports
  • Scientific writing assistance and graphic art support (example of figure shown here)
  • Expert witness services
  • Due diligence evaluations
  • Access to other functional area experts