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Dirk has provided several assessments of product candidates for us, covering a wide range of biological pathways, modes of action and disease settings. These reports have helped educate our executive staff on product opportunities and have even been shared with external stakeholders. Dirk has also presented his work at scientific review panels, internal staff meetings and at our Scientific Advisory Board meeting.
Dirk’s input is always done from a strong scientific point of view with clear and concise rationale. He also brings the confidence to provide his personal opinion, which is based on his considerable experience in biologics drug development. Consequently, he has become an indispensable partner for our ongoing therapeutics evaluation and pipeline strategy.
— Dean Pettit, PhD, CSO, Just Biotherapeutics
Dirk’s intimate knowledge of the drug discovery process provides us with valuable insights to help guide our business approach. Word-of-mouth is a particularly effective means to encourage the adoption of new technology in the pharmaceutical field. Dirk’s impeccable scientific credentials and reputation within the industry means people take the time to listen to his opinions and he has used his extensive scientific network to open the door to multiple relationships with key industry personnel, significantly moving our business forward.
— Sam Wadsworth, PhD, Co-founder & CSO, Aspect Biosystems Ltd.
I have had the pleasure of working with Dirk on a consulting basis over the past year. Dirk has always delivered high quality work within an agreed timeframe. His scientific and technical knowledge of different therapeutic areas coupled with a profound understanding of the drug discovery process makes him a valued member of any project team.
— Dr. Shane Olwill, Vice President, Head of Development & Immuno-Oncology, Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Dirk and I collaborated on development of a novel biologic for treatment of patients with severe asthma and COPD. As the chief scientist for the Discovery Team, Dirk defined the scientific mechanism of action for the lead molecule, directed nonclinical key studies confirming safety, and helped establish collaborations with key opinion leaders in the field to facilitate selection of biomarkers and confirmatory pilot MOA studies to support our Phase 3 programs. His clear, thoughtful and thorough analytical presentations were a great asset during this critical period of product development.
— Edward P. Ingenito MD PhD, Sr. Medical Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., Boston
Dirk has been a frequent adviser and consultant for me where he has provided input on several different preclinical and translational programs that are currently in development at Qu Biologics. His extensive experience in inflammatory lung diseases and his insight into the process of drug development has been instrumental for driving our preclinical programs forwards. Dirk has constantly provided high quality scientific support, delivering honest, professional and timely input. I would highly recommend Dirk as an adviser and consultant to help advance any preclinical program.
— Mark Bazett, PhD Preclinical Lead, Qu Biologics, Inc.
Dirk and I worked together on the evaluation of a new ultrasensitive platform for protein biomarker detection. Dirk was the point of contact, orchestrating all activities within Amgen. I found Dirk to be a highly competent, analytical scientist who conducted his activities with a high degree of professionalism. After integration of the platform, Dirk’s team utilized it to identify new insights into Asthma and indicators of treatment response, resulting in multiple presentations and an advancement of the understanding of asthma as a heterogeneous disease. I strongly recommend Dirk for his knowledge of inflammatory disorders, scientifically sound approach to research and his ability to succeed in cross-disciplinary teams
— Bryan Klekota, Business Development Manager, Quanterix
Dirk advised our project team by sharing his insights and suggestions related to an early stage target in our Inflammation pipeline. The feedback was insightful and allowed us to make more informed decisions around potential biomarkers.
— Paul Klekotka, MD, PhD, FAAD, Senior Medical Director, Immunology, Lilly Research Laboratories
Dirk provided expert consulting to our group and also helped us connect with key opinion leaders and potential collaborators.  His intimate knowledge of the pathways of interest to our group and his in-depth understanding of the drug discovery process are both evident in his nuanced, insightful, and appropriate input.  Above all, Dirk is the consummate professional who I can easily recommend to others.
— Dorothy Cheung, MD Associate Medical Director  OMNI Early Clinical Development Genentech, Inc.
Dirk had several leadership responsibilities as a Scientific Director in the Inflammation Research Department. He was the Global Research Lead for a clinical stage program targeting a novel asthma-related pathway. Besides providing the team crucial scientific input, Dirk’s group performed high quality basic research and published regularly. He was recognized for his ability to effectively communicate the science and was often asked to present to senior management. Dirk was also responsible for advancing Amgen’s patient stratification strategy for asthma, which required assimilation of key trends in the field, integration of cutting-edge new biomarker technology and active engagement with KOLs and worldwide consortia. Finally, Dirk excelled in team settings. He was respected by his peers and his staff and was good at fostering productive and cooperative collaboration, even among multiple functional groups.
— Jim Johnston PhD, Exec Director Inflammation Research, Amgen
It was a pleasure working with Dirk and a great experience overall. Dirk was a true thought partner from the beginning days of our company and provided important contributions to shaping our research and development strategy. Dirk worked as a critical member of our team and plugged in seamlessly as part of our virtual company. We couldn’t have secured that first bite of financing without his help and framing of the opportunity.
— Nurry Hong, Founder and CEO of Fress Therapeutics